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Hit the jackpot with choose-your-own-adventure film

Published on June 16, 2021

Instead of using the tried and tested method of tugging at heartstrings or pushing out discounts and lowering prices, MSIG Singapore worked with That Marketing Guy for a choose-your-own-adventure film titled "Help Me Leh".

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That Marketing Guy on marketing in 2021

Published on December 21, 2020

Considering everything, we did well in 2020. We are readying ourselves for 2021 and here’s what we spoke to Marketing Magazine Group about.

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Small Business, Big Dreams: Meet "That Marketing Guy"

Published on October 06, 2020

‍Swingvy recently sat down with Will Lee to learn more about his vision, the business, and his goals and hopes for the future. He shares insights to inspire other small and medium business owners and speaks of the challenges and opportunities he’s experienced on his journey.

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Branding Beardos:
Towkay Talks

Published on Sept 11, 2020

Sometimes, you just have to strike out on your own. That’s the story of this week’s Towkay, Will Lee, boss of That Marketing Guy.

Funny, honest and witty, Will talks about scaling up his company, shady awards shows and why listing your company isn’t always the best option.

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How HOOQ 'terrorised' KOLs to drive hype for its comedy series

Published on December 16, 2020

Last year, the now-defunct Asian OTT service HOOQ launched its first Singaporean original comedy series titled "She's a terrorist and I love her", which touched on controversial topics such as racism, sexism, and nepotism in the workplace.

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Agency of the Year Awards 2021

  • Agency Leader of the Year (Finalist)

  • Rising Star (Finalist)

  • Boutique Agency of the Year (Finalist)

  • Full-Service Agency of the Year (Finalist)

  • Mobile Marketing Agency of the Year (Finalist)

MARKies Awards 2021

  • Most Creative – Customer Engagement (Bronze) - MSIG

  • Most Effective Use – Video (Bronze) - MSIG

  • Best Art Director / Designer (Bronze)

  • Best Planner (Bronze)

  • Most Creative – Digital (Finalist) - MSIG

  • Most Creative – Video (Finalist) - MSIG

  • Most Creative – Experiential (Finalist) - Tower Transit Singapore

  • Most Creative – Government Sector / Non-Profit Marketing (Finalist) - NTUC LearningHub

  • Most Effective Use – Government Sector / Non-Profit Marketing (Finalist) - NTUC LearningHub

  • Most Creative – Influencers / KOLs (Finalist) - HOOQ

  • Most Effective Use – Experiential (Finalist) - HOOQ

Marketing Excellence Awards 2020

  • Excellence in Experiential Marketing (Silver) - HOOQ

  • Excellence in Gamification (Finalist) - 7-Eleven Singapore

  • Excellence in Customer Engagement (Finalist) - 7-Eleven Singapore

  • Excellence in Social Media Marketing (Finalist) - DSO National Laboratories

  • Excellence in Public Sector / Non-Profit Marketing (Finalist) - NTUC LearningHub

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